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Starter Motor Repairs and Replacement

Are you having trouble starting your car? Do you hear a clicking sound every time you turn the key? You might have a problem with your car’s starter motors. No worries, we can offer the best solution for you!

A starter is a motor (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) that rotates the internal combustion engine to start it. It relies on your battery, so if you have a dead battery, the starter won’t start your engine. When the motor starts to make “tick sounds”, it’s a sign that it is damaged, and you need to seek professional service. 

Here at Ballarat Auto Electricians, we specialise in Starter Motors repair for all kinds of vehicles. Having an expert to check the overall performance of your starter motors is recommended. Having the starter motors regularly checked is important because most of the time, it’s unnoticeable when it fails. We provide the following services:

  • Test your starter motors overall performance
  • Remove and refit your starter motors
  • Diagnose any issues
  • Provide repairs on whatever the issue is
  • Provide a reconditioned starter motors

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When To Replace A Starter Motor

If you start experiencing these signs, you must seek professional help right away. We can offer you the best solution that will work for you.

  • The engine is struggling to start
  • Hearing loud clicking sounds whenever you turn the key
  • Interior lights turn off when you turn the key
  • A burning smell every time you try to start the engine
  • Headlights go off when you attempt to start the engine
  • Smoke coming under the car
  • The engine turns over very slowly, or does not turn over at all
  • Damaged wiring
  • Freewheeling
  • Starter stays on after the engine has started

Can I Start My Car Even If I Have A Faulty Starter Motor?

No. If you suspect that you only have a low battery voltage, you can try to jump-start your car.  If it still won’t start your car, the starter motor is already damaged. 

How Long Does A Starter Motor Usually Last?

On average, the starter motors can last for 100,000-150,000 miles of usage. Most of the time, starter motors last for the lifetime of the vehicle. But there are also a lot of factors to consider on why a starter motor suddenly fails.

Tips On How to Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Starter Motors

  1. Inspect the flywheel
  2. Clean the terminals
  3. Clean the connectors
  4. Tighten the mounting bolts
  5. Clean the solenoid

Fast and Efficient Starter Motor Services

With our years of expertise, Ballarat Auto Electricians has a proven track record of providing the highest quality of service. Our auto electricians are highly-skilled and well-trained. We also offer competitive rates. Our top priority is our customer’s satisfaction, so we offer you friendly advice and high-quality products with a warranty to ensure the customer’s peace of mind.

Contact us if you start noticing the signs of a failing starter motor, or if you need urgent replacement. We’ll get your vehicle back on the road!