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We Provide Affordable Roadside Assistance

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road because of a flat tyre or your car ran out of gas can be stressful. A car breakdown occurs for several reasons. You might think that it’s easier if you fix the problem by yourself, but if you make a mistake, it can cause greater damage to your engine. You’ll end up spending more on repairs.

Ballarat Auto Electricians has a professional team of roadside assistance experts that can assist you with your car breakdown issues and fix them right away!

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Dedicated Auto Electricians in Ballarat

Trained Electricians

Our auto electricians are trained professionals with expert knowledge in auto electrical repair. Our mechanics are fully qualified to perform auto repairs on any automobile.

We're Local

We’re a family owned business based in Ballarat. With over 10 years of experience, Ballarat Auto Electricians are dedicated providing superior auto repairs for your vehicle.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with our pricing – this means no hidden last minute fees. If your vehicle requires additional work, we will let you know prior.

Services We Offer

Having an issue with your vehicle while travelling can be stressful. We really can’t predict when it will happen to us. Our fully-equipped and experienced team at Ballarat Auto Electricians is always ready to help you with car breakdowns. 


Running out of gas while you’re travelling is stressful – especially if you need to go somewhere important. Don’t worry, our team can assist you, and we will arrange the delivery of fuel as soon as possible.


A flat tyre can be very frustrating. If you’re worried about not having a spare tyre or if you don’t know how to change a flat or damaged tyre, we can do it for you! We deliver new tyres that will fit your vehicle. 


If your engine is not starting, don’t hesitate to call us! We can check what the problem is and provide the best possible solution. 


Did you accidentally leave your lights on? Do you have a flat battery? Whatever the reason is, we got you covered! Don’t risk performing jump start on your own, especially if you have never done it before. A jump start that is not done correctly can cause serious damages to your vehicle.


If we cannot fix the issue in your vehicle on the roadside, we will arrange for a towing service for you.


Leaving your keys inside the car happens more often than you think. Our team of experts can help to retrieve your keys. 

Why You Should Consider Getting Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage

Less Hassle

In the event of having a vehicle breakdown, you won’t be stressed in finding a professional roadside assistance expert. Having roadside assistance coverage will make you feel more secured.

Avoiding Expensive Car Repairs

Roadside assistance can prevent engine damage and expensive repairs.

Overheating Engine or Cooling System Failures

A car engine has risks of overheating – especially during summer. You can always count on your roadside assistance coverage in the event that your engine overheats.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you will get immediate help in case you will encounter a vehicle breakdown or accident will give you peace of mind.

Why Choose Ballarat Auto Electricians?

We provide fast and reliable roadside assistance services. Our prices are affordable with high standards of professionalism. We can assist you anytime and anywhere. 

  • Fully Licensed and Accredited
  • Always Available
  • Affordable Rates
  • Reliable Service

Call us now if you need urgent roadside assistance. You can depend on us 24/7!