Tips in Maintaining Your Electrical Car During Summer

The summer season can bring a lot of good but can also cause plenty of impact to a variety of things including your property, landscape, and even car. This is especially so if you are working with an automobile/electric car. During the summer season, hot weather conditions can have a negative effect on your electric car’s battery life. What’s more, it can cause an effect on the air conditioning because of the energy use. To ensure that your electric car can stand well against the summer heat, there are different tips that would help to note.

Pointers for Summer Maintenance

Given how much of an effect the hot weather can have on your electric car, it would be best to keep in mind the following:

Leave in Shade When Possible

When exposed to the summer heat, the high temperatures can decrease the charge of the lithium-ion batteries found in EVs. The same thing happens to your phone battery if you left it out in the sun for too long. When possible, it would be best to leave the car in a shade as it can reduce the need for the battery management system to kick in, while also reducing the need to use air conditioning and other active cooling systems while driving.

If a shade is not possible, you can also choose to invest in tinted windows or a sunshade for the windshield are additional types of passive cooling systems that will minimize the need to cool the car for comfort.

Use Preconditioning

Preconditioning is a feature that can be accessed in an electric car’s infotainment system, or through a connected smartphone app, depending on your model’s capabilities. It will ready the car for you and optimize battery temperature for a set time of departure. This system typically pulls power directly from the outlet by default, so your car will be in peak driving condition before you go, all without draining the battery. The best way to utilize this feature is to charge overnight

Limit Overnight Charging

While it is good to keep your car charged to a certain degree, there is a point where you may end up charging too fast or too high a capacity. This will result in it getting too hot and the battery management system draining again. It is advised that you should only charge your electric car up to a maximum of 80%.

Leave Excess Weight At Home

It is understandable that you will want to go on trips for the summer but you’ll find that excess weight can affect the range of your EV battery and may cause it to overheat. A good way to avoid any unnecessary weight affecting your car is to plan ahead and to inspect on how much your car is able to handle.

Use Eco Mode

Eco-mode can help as a reduction on the amount of power available for acceleration and other electronic processes. This feature can be especially helpful for long journeys or when the vehicle has long exposure to the heat. It would be good to be used as much as possible as it will considerably minimize the amount of energy you use as you go about your business.


The summer season means plenty of heat and that means plenty of ways that the battery of your electrical car can be affected. Some of the best ways to help maintain your automobile during hot weather would be to leave it under shade or easing up on the charging. To help ensure that your electric car remains in top shape, you will also want to keep in mind Ballarat Auto Electricians for assistance. Ballarat Auto Electricians is an experienced professional group that offers experience with a variety of cars and quality service. When the summer season comes, it is best to keep an eye on the best maintenance options for your car.


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