Essential Maintenance Tips to Know for Your Electric Car

An electric car is a convenient commodity to have but like any other vehicle, it can face its fair share of issues. Whether it be an impact from the season or something like a part being affected; there is a number of things that can end up affecting your care. If you are not careful, you may end up with issues that’’ grow too large to handle. When it comes to preventing damages on anything, whether it be a structure or a vehicle, proper maintenance can do a lot to help.

Maintenance Tips to Note For Your Electric Car

There are different common issues that an electric car can go through. But with common issues come common solutions. One of the best ways to keep any possible damage from growing is knowing what are the proper maintenance methods before any damage occurs. For your electric car, they are as follows:

Routine Battery Checks

A battery is one of the most important features of an electric car and most often than not, improper care of it leads to issues like system failures or other difficulties. The working condition and performance of the electric car battery pack will have a direct effect on the car’s longevity. While certain batteries have a certain lifespan, a good way to help prolong them is to avoid overcharging or wearing down the battery.

When you overcharge too often, it can lead to shortening the battery’s lifespan. As for the latter, it is advised to not leave your car undercharged or with zero battery charge for longer than two weeks. A recommended level to keep your electric car at would be at 80%.

Change Brake Fluids

The braking system of an electric car generally involves the kinetic energy of the car is converted to the chemical energy of the car battery. When it comes to the brake fluid, it is one of the primary fluids that run through your electric car. A brake inspection/fluid flush is required every three to five years unless the manual says otherwise. Maintenance wise, it is advised to top off the brake fluid and to inspect for any leaks to avoid a brake failure.

Check Coolant System

The coolant system is the main thing that ensures that the battery does not overheat and helps in expanding its lifespan. By performing proper maintenance on this system, you can take any possible weight off the battery. The type of coolant varies with each vehicle, as can the maintenance schedule. A recommended way to care for your vehicle’s coolant system though would be to flush the coolant and antifreeze to help it last longer.

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters are a convenient feature that helps reduce pollen, road dust, dirt, and other potentially harmful particles from invading the cabin. Because of this, it is always good to know when to clear them out to prevent any build-up. It is advised to have them replaced every 36,000 miles, or in two-to-three-year intervals. Otherwise, if you have a HEPA, it can span as long as five years before replacement.

Regular Tire Inspection

One of the disadvantages of electric cars is that they exert a substantial amount of pressure on their wheels due to their weight and other features. Because of this, it can cause more than a little stress on the tires. To prevent any possible damage on them, it is advised to remember to conduct a regular rotation and pressure check. The interval between tire rotations is typically 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

Why Refer to Ballarat Auto Electricians For Assistance

While there are different ways you can maintain and prevent damage to your electric car, having a reliable auto electrician service at hand can also help ease any other problems. With Ballarat Auto Electricians, you can be assured of a team of professionals that have worked on a variety of different electric cars and can provide you with flexible services to meet any needs. Whether it be to consult on the best way to care for your car or have it inspected for anything that may have been missed, Ballarat Auto Electricians can assist you.


There is a lot that an electric car can go through. From the impact of different seasons to the common technical issues, there is a lot that can go wrong. For any problem, however, there is a solution and the best way to have your electric car avoid any damage is to have the right maintenance tips. Whether it be remembering not to overcharge your battery or to have the air filters replaced, there are plenty of tips on how to avoid and prevent any possible electric car issues.


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