Common Electric Car Issues to Look Out For

An electric car can be a convenient commodity to have; and when compared to a regular automobile powered by fuel, there are different benefits that you can gain. However, like any other vehicle, an electric car can also face its own set of problems. Whether it be something with its parts or accessories added on, there are different issues that are commonly found with electric cars and knowing about them can also help ease dealing with them.

What to Look Out For

When it comes to issues that can affect your electric car, a lot of them can be related to the battery but some of them can also involve other features that can affect others. Some of the biggest common issues you will want to look out for are as follows:

Dead Battery

As stated, some of the more general issues that you can have with an electric vehicle involve the battery. Batteries in general can last up to 5 years in maximum. The reasons behind your battery failing could be because of damage, poor battery life, or leakage from the battery. While there is no heavy indicator of your battery no longer working, a good sign to look out for is when there is trouble starting the ignition.

Other than this, there is also checking your battery cables for corrosion, and ensuring they’re fitted properly because they mainly power the car’s electronic systems. If there are dim lights, lights that won’t switch on, or an engine that won’t switch on, this signals a need for immediate care.

Bad Alternator

Can’t find any issues with your battery? Then the alternator is the next thing that you will want to look out for. The alternator is what charges the battery and powers lights and accessories while the engine is on. Should anything happen to it, it will result in the loss of all electrical power the next time you try to start the car. A good indicator you need to check on your alternator is when the dashboard lights start to flicker while you’re on the road. A sign for immediate care on the other hand is shown from decreased power and rapid loss of speed in the car.

Blown Fuse

A fuse box ensures the prevention of overvoltage and short-circuiting thus protecting the vehicle’s system from major damage. When a fuse blows, however, the power supply that’s supposed to go through it gets cut off. Sometimes, it can be due to a need for replacement but if this issue happens more than once, it can be an indication of a larger issue. Simply put, if you find yourself replacing wires for your fuse frequently in a short period of time, you will want to have it diagnosed before it grows larger.

Problematic Spark Plugs

Considered as the screws of a structure, spark plugs are meant to ignite the fuel and air mixture inside your engine’s combustion chambers. Some signs indicating it needs to be checked on include poor acceleration, rough idle, decreased fuel efficiency. If the vehicle engine is cranking but not starting, it may mean the plugs are dirty or covered in oil. A common fix for it would be a replacement but if there is a show of engine misfiring or your car not accelerating as it should, it may need a further inspection.

Engine Not Cranking

A defective part in the system can lead to a prevention of the starter from cranking your engine. The most common way that there is an issue that needs to be checked is “clicking” when you turn the key and attempt to start your car. This means that there is not enough current flow in the system to engage the engine. Other signs include the ‘check engine’ light on your display and the car not starting. Aside from an issue from the system, it could also be related to the age of your car and thus calls for a diagnosis.

How Ballarat Auto Electricians Can Help You and Your Vehicle

While some issues with your electric car can be resolved with simple solutions or a replacement of parts, having an auto electrician service perform a full diagnosis on your vehicle can help a lot in the long run. Among the different services that you can choose from, you will want to consider Ballarat Auto Electricians.

By choosing to have Ballarat Auto Electricians as your choice of electricians, you can be assured of an experienced team that can cover everything your vehicle may need. More than dealing with the noted common issues, you can also be assured that other issues like wiring problems and short-circuiting can be dealt with.


An electric car has many benefits but like any vehicle, it can go through different issues that will require a diagnosis. Some of the most common issues you will want to look out for include a dead battery, blown fuse, and an engine not cranking. By taking note of these common issues, it can help to know what to look out for and prevent the issue from growing further.


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