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Affordable Car Battery Repair and Replacement

Our battery replacement service will get your vehicle running with minimal downtime. Often, you will experience warning signs before your battery stops functioning. Even though your battery won’t have any issues after several years, it is still recommended replacing the battery once every 3 years. 

However, we don’t always assume that your car’s issue is always because of the battery. Our highly skilled electricians perform a diagnostic test to cross out any other underlying issues. With our over 10 years of experience, we have established a reputation for delivering high-quality services.

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We’re a family owned business based in Ballarat. With over 10 years of experience, Ballarat Auto Electricians are dedicated providing superior auto repairs for your vehicle.


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Signs You Need To Replace Your Battery

It is important to know when you’ll be needing to change your battery because the best time to change it is before your battery wears out. We recommend changing your battery every 3-4 years – even though you don’t notice anything unusual. 

  • Engine cranks slower than normal or doesn’t crank at all
  • Bulging or bloated battery
  • Leaking battery fluid
  • Corrosion build up around the battery
  • Electrical issues
  • Active check engine light

Even if you’re not experiencing these signs, it’s still possible to drain the battery if you accidentally left your lights on or leaving something plugged in the power outlet. 

Aside from these signs, climate and the way you use your car can cause your battery to drain. 

How Temperature or Climate Affects Your Battery

Extreme hot and cold weathers can affect your battery life’s performance. During summer, the scorching heat makes the water in your car’s battery acid evaporate – increasing the chances of your battery having corrosion. Corrosion is the main reason why the battery drains and malfunction. 

During winter, your battery needs to work harder in order to produce enough energy to keep your car running smoothly. Cold weather can also cause thicker engineer oil – straining your battery

What you can do to prevent damaging your car’s battery during extreme weathers is to make sure to keep your battery charged before using it. You can also get your battery load, electrolyte checked and tested. Also check for signs of corrosion before winter or summer. It is best to consult an expert to determine if your battery has underlying issues.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Battery?

If you don’t change your battery and keep driving with a dying battery, it increases the chances of getting into an accident. If in case, you really need to use your car, only use it on low-traffic roads. Otherwise, our team can deliver the battery for you.

Keep in mind that a damaged battery can just be part of the bigger issue. That’s why having a professional battery replacement will save you time, money and hassle. 

Can I Change It By Myself?

If you already replaced a battery before, you can definitely do it by yourself. However, damaged batteries are highly corrosive and flammable. Aside from that, you will be needing tools and safety gears to change it. Our experienced experts would gladly help you replace your car’s battery. 

In the event that your battery died while on the road, you would be needing immediate roadside assistance.