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You have an important event to attend, then you noticed that your car’s air conditioner is not cooling the way it does. It’s an Aussie summer and the last thing that you would want to happen is having a dysfunctional air conditioning system. 

It is recommended that car owners have regular car service to determine if there’s an issue in your air conditioning system. Here at Wollongong Auto Electricians, we have a proven track record of providing quality auto services. We have over 20 years of experience – making us trustworthy and reliable. 

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Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

If you are experiencing any of these, you have to call Ballarat Auto Electricians. Our experts are highly skilled and qualified to assist you in any of your auto concerns. 

Leaking Refrigerant. Leaks coming from the air conditioning system is a dangerous chemical – it can harm your car’s engine or the environment as well.

Compressor Failure. This is usually caused by improper recharging practices which allow moisture to enter the system. 

Failed Pressure Switches. If one or more pressure switches detect abnormally low pressures, the compressor clutch will automatically deactivate to prevent damaging the compressor. 

Air Condition Is Not Cooling. Frequent reasons why your air condition system is not cooling is because of low refrigerant level, broken condenser, damaged belt, defective clutch or inactive pressure switches.

Strange Noise. It usually comes from a dying compressor or using the wrong lubricant.

Foul Smell. If you smell like something is burning, it might be your engine getting too hot or the wire insulation has burnt out. This could be hazardous to your health. 

Warm Air. This could be an indicator of a leak somewhere in the system.

Reduced Airflow. This could be because of damaged cooling fans or blocked vents. Much worse, it can be because of a blown fuse.

Maintaining Your Car Air Conditioning System

To make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is in good condition, regular maintenance is important. Here are some tips on how to maintain your car’s air conditioning system.

Run the air conditioner regularly

This will help in the remaining gas pressure in order to keep the compressor working properly.

Run the defrost mode for 5 minutes

At least once a week, turn it on to its coolest setting. After 10 minutes, set the defrost mode for 5 minutes to clean out accumulated moisture from the system to prevent mildew from forming. 

Clean air filter

Remove accumulated dirt or debris from the filter, and clean with water or replace the air filter completely. 

Use Your Air Conditioner Properly

Before turning on the air condition, let the car engine heat up first. Then, let the heat exit your car by opening the car windows. After releasing the heat, lower the air condition level and close the window.

Schedule Professional Service Annually

Your air conditioning system must be checked annually by our experts to ensure that the drive belts are in good condition. Your car’s dryer should also be replaced every 2 years.