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We are a team of the best auto electricians and engineers in Ballarat. We provide high-quality car electronic services at an affordable price. Know that when your car breaks down, we’re here to save the day!

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We Provide Cost Effective & Professional Auto Electician Services in Ballarat.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your car breakdown in the middle of the road without anyone to call on for help immediately. It could be a battery problem, an engine problem, or even a busted wire problem that you know you can’t solve yourself. Luckily, Auto Electrician Ballarat is one call away. We provide a wide range of vehicle electrical repair services that will surely save the day.

We have a team of expert auto electricians, technical mechanics, and electrical engineers that are trained to help you get your car running again. Our team is experienced in dealing with cars of almost all makes and models – from small utility cars to luxury vehicles! Our electricians are trained to diagnose the problem using our state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools so they know exactly what needs fixing. We also have a powerful inventory of high-quality replacement parts whenever you need one. 

With a team of highly skilled technicians and an inner-city location, Auto Electrician Ballarat is the perfect place to repair your vehicle. We work hard to provide you with same-day service while maintaining our high standards for customer satisfaction.

Our highly qualified team of car electricians and engineers offers a wide range of services from starter motors, alternators, car batteries, wiring, trailer plugs, and emergency breakdown assistance, etc. The next you need a superhero when your car breaks down, don’t call Superman; call Auto Electrician Ballarat!

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Our Services

For more than 10 years, we have been providing Ballarat with high-quality and professional vehicle electrician services. We use the latest tools, equipment and training to ensure that all repairs and replacements we do will last longer and will not cause any further damage to your vehicles.

Diagnosis & Fault Finding

We have invested our resources on procuring state-of-the-art fault finding and diagnostic tools to know what's wrong with your vehicle immediately.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Our team is trained to repair air conditioning units that malfunction. We also have a huge inventory of replacement parts if it comes to that.

Car Battery Replacement

We offer an efficient way of testing your fuel injection system and your batteries to make sure that your car runs as energy efficient and smoothly as it can be.

Alternators & Starter Motors

If your car doesn't start, you know you can call us anytime and our team will deal with what needs to be fixed in your starter motors and alternators.

Breakdown Assistance

Had your car broken in the middle of the road? Well, you don't have to worry anymore because you can call our hotline and we will be immediately go to your location!

Rewiring & Accessories

Through experience, our team has already mastered the art of fixing busted wires. We also have accessory replacement for all make and models.

We work with almost all makes and models!

We are proud to be one of the only few car electrician service providers that have a wide array of premium and high-quality replacement part for all makes and model.

Premium Vehicle Electric Service

Our guarantee is to provide Ballarat Central with the best auto electrician services. Our expert team delivers an excellent, fast, and cost-effective solutions to all your vehicle electric problems.

Our technicians, electricians, and electrical engineers are equipped with up-to-date training and the necessary certifications to perform their jobs to your satisfaction. Beyond that, our team comprises EXPERIENCED individuals who know how to take care of your auto electrics.

Our technicians are trained to respond to every inquiry with humility and knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy people. We take every call seriously.

We strive always to give you value for your money. Our Automotive Electrical Services provide an accurate quote for all the prices and rates you have to pay before working on anything. All of our quotes are valid for seven days. Transparency is one of our core values.

Our team of technicians not only have the skills to repair all makes and models of car, but Auto Electricians Ballarat can also work on the following vehicles:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural Machinery (tractors)
  • Small earthmoving equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

Auto Electricians Ballarat

Auto Electrician Ballarat is your one-stop-shop for all of your auto electrical repairs. We’ve been a leading provider in Melbourne since 1954, and we use the latest tools, equipment, training to ensure that every repair goes smoothly with no hitches along the way. Our location provides convenient access from suburbs near and far alike – just look out for our bright blue sign!

We have been providing top-quality service and parts at competitive prices throughout Melbourne ever since its inception back in 2004. With cutting-edge technology always on hand, you can rest assured knowing that everything will go according to plan without any hiccups whatsoever thanks to their extensive experience.

Car Batteries Ballarat

Auto Electrician Ballarat is the best company for all your battery needs. We offer a variety of different batteries to suit every need and they are designed specifically with Australian’s harsh climate in mind. If you want new or replacement, Auto Electrician Ballarat will be happy to provide it as quickly as 50 minutes!

With a wide range of batteries and services we can cover any requirement you may have from lead-acid deep cycle marine or mower/garden truck mobility motorbike or motorcycle batteries for every application including new vehicles that require start stop technology such as Toyota Hiace Commuter Trucks which need specialist high CCA ratings in order to power their engine systems with necessary energy storage. Rest assured when shopping at our store – Our products are 100% Australian made meaning they come prepped for installation by professionals who know what it takes so you don’t have to!

Our mechanics are trained and qualified to fix your car before you take it on the road. We will avoid any accidents that could happen due to a failing or misused vehicle because we want everyone on our roads safe, even if they decide not to leave those repairs up for us! Leave your car with us today so that we can make sure everything is in working order. Our experts have years of experience fixing cars from top-to-bottom; giving them more hands than anyone else when it comes down to auto maintenance services.

Alternator Specialist Ballarat

An alternator generates electric power in a car. It is significant in the vehicle’s charging system. When an engine is running, the alternator supplies electric power for the vehicle while charging the battery. Having problems with your alternator would be an inconvenience for you. After all, the alternator supplies your car with power. 

Alternator issues are common, and it’s often mistaken as battery issues. Our specialist will inspect your vehicle to determine what the issue is. We can fix or replace it for you. The alternator inspection we make involves:

  • Checking the drive belt
  • Making sure the brackets are in correct position
  • Inspecting the charging system if it has the correct voltage
  • Visually inspecting the auto electrics

Signs That Your Alternator Needs Repair

You might be wondering what are the signs of a bad alternator. If you experience any of these signs, you should not ignore them. It could cause a more severe damage in your engine in the long run. Have our specialist check your vehicle for diagnosis and repair or replacement.

Headlights and dashboard are dimmer than usual or flickering headlights

When your headlights flicker, it is a strong indication that your alternator is not functioning correctly. 

Check the indicator light

If you notice a warning indicator light in the dashboard it can be a sign that the alternator is going bad. You can have it checked with us for a proper diagnostic.

Strange clicking or grinding noises

We know that cars make unusual noises. However, when some bearings fail in the engine due to alternator issues, it usually creates strange noises like a “buzzing” or “clicking” sound.

Difficulty in starting your car

If you just had your tank full, and you’re still having difficulties in starting your engine, it could be because your alternator is failing.

Battery dies

A bad alternator causes the battery to drain. It is recommended to always have your alternators checked when replacing your battery.

Roadside Assistance Ballarat

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road because of a flat tyre or your car ran out of gas can be stressful. A car breakdown occurs for several reasons. You might think that it’s easier if you fix the problem by yourself, but if you make a mistake, it can cause greater damage to your engine. You’ll end up spending more on repairs.

Ballarat Auto Electricians has a professional team of roadside assistance experts that can assist you with your car breakdown issues and fix them right away!

Roadside Assistance Services We Offer:


When you’re running low on gas while travelling, it can be stressful. We know where to deliver fuel as quickly as possible so that the stress is lessened for you!


If you’re having problems with your automobile, it may be time to replace the tyres. We provide new and replacement tyres that will fit perfectly in your car!


If your engine is not starting, don’t hesitate to call us! We can check what the problem is and provide the best possible solution. 


You may be feeling stranded when your battery dies! Don’t worry, we are here to help. Jump starting a vehicle can do serious damage if not done correctly. Trust us – leave the heavy lifting for our professionals at Ballarat Auto Electricians.


If we cannot fix the issue in your vehicle on the roadside, we will arrange for a towing service for you.


Leaving your keys inside the car happens more often than you think. Our team of experts can help to retrieve your keys. 


Starter Motor Experts Ballarat

Are you having trouble starting your car? Do you hear a clicking sound every time you turn the key? You might have a problem with your car’s starter motors. No worries, we can offer the best solution for you!

A starter is a motor (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) that rotates the internal combustion engine to start it. It relies on your battery, so if you have a dead battery, the starter won’t start your engine. When the motor starts to make “tick sounds”, it’s a sign that it is damaged, and you need to seek professional service. 

Here at Ballarat Auto Electricians, we specialise in Starter Motors repair for all kinds of vehicles. Having an expert to check the overall performance of your starter motors is recommended. Having the starter motors regularly checked is important because most of the time, it’s unnoticeable when it fails. We provide the following services:

  • Test your starter motors overall performance
  • Remove and refit your starter motors
  • Diagnose any issues
  • Provide repairs on whatever the issue is
  • Provide a reconditioned starter motors


When To Replace A Starter Motor

If you start experiencing these signs, you must seek professional help right away. We can offer you the best solution that will work for you.

  • The engine is struggling to start
  • Hearing loud clicking sounds whenever you turn the key
  • Interior lights turn off when you turn the key
  • A burning smell every time you try to start the engine
  • Headlights go off when you attempt to start the engine
  • Smoke coming under the car
  • The engine turns over very slowly, or does not turn over at all
  • Damaged wiring
  • Freewheeling
  • Starter stays on after the engine has started


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Automotive Electricians from Auto Electrician Ballarat are highly trained specialists who identify, diagnose and repair faults in automotive electrical systems. They also install or remove equipment from cars, motorcycles, trucks, or commercial vehicles so they can be used by their owners anywhere at any time!

The main electrical components are the battery, wiring/wiring loom (a flexible protective sheathing that conducts cables), relays, and fuses for protection against voltage surges or sudden decreases in current flow) ECU, the alternator to produce alternating electric currents from mechanical rotations of its rotor armature,) starter motor with an integrated ignition coil which starts your engine by generating a high-voltage spark at precisely timed intervals as you turn the key–almost like igniting gasoline inside a cylinder(s). Fuel pump & cooling fan also help keep things running cool.

Yes! There are plenty of mobile auto electricians from Auto Electrician Ballarat that can assist with your electrical needs wherever you may be, and these professionals will have all the handy tools to fix any issue. But before they get started, make sure you provide a safe and secure place for them to work on their van so they don’t block traffic or pedestrians passing by.

Auto electricians are often not qualified as mechanics, despite their skill set is the perfect fit for automotive electrical issues. Unlike a mechanic with education in auto repair and years of experience under his belt, they may lack some knowledge or tools that would otherwise be required to complete more complicated tasks like replacing fuel injectors on newer models or installing aftermarket engine management systems from companies such as Auto Electrician Ballarat.

Ballarat Auto Electrician services all makes, models and types of vehicles. Let us know if your car is fleet when you book so we can get the job done at the highest standards according to manufacturer’s handbook.

Fleet benefits include:

  • Manufacturer handbook servicing
  • Breakdown assistance and 24 hour towing available
  • Complete auto service centre to deal with any service and repairs necessary
  • Quick turnaround and service is guaranteed

Today’s vehicles have complex computer systems that operate much of a car’s functionality including A/C, radio, alarm system, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), cruise control and more. These on-board computers enable faults to be assessed by our expert mechanics using computer diagnostic tools like OBD scanners.

Yes! We’re always willing to support the community who grew us.

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At Auto Electrician Ballarat, we are committed to providing comprehensive brake tests. These will include checking the entire braking system, inspecting disc brakes and all related components of your car’s brakediscs. We do this because it is what separates safe driving from dangerous ones! Our technicians have extensive experience in clutch repairs as well so if you notice any changes with your clutch such as engine revving without power or a vibration during engagement then simply bring down your car for servicing today!

We’re committed to transparency when it comes to our prices. We always get in touch with you before work begins, so that we can make sure every penny is accounted for and there are no surprises along the way.

Ever since its inception in 2006, Auto Electrician Ballarat has been a leading provider of auto electrical repairs. We use the latest tools and equipment to ensure that every repair goes smoothly without any hitches along the way. With convenient access from suburbs near or far alike, just look out for our bright blue sign!

Auto electricians are trained to look after the air conditioning and electrical systems, while mechanics specialize in mechanical components like engine parts. If you need help with your car’s computer system (such as warning lights on the dash or brake systems), we’re who you should call instead of a general service or repairs for motor parts.

The cause of your air conditioning not working could be one or a few things, such as the compressor isn’t engaging, fluid is leaking out and there are many other issues. A common misconception about this issue is that you need to top up gas which will fix it. Come in for diagnostics so we can find out exactly what’s wrong fast!